Liverpool based weddings and lifestyle portrait photographer

I’ve been photographing people for as long as I can remember and in more recent years found I had a particular soft spot for photographing weddings.  There’s something special about weddings that makes them such a joy to photograph.  Perhaps it’s my childhood interest in theatre and acting, but to me a wedding is very much like a large theatrical production in which the couple getting married are the stars of the show supported by their often numerous cast!  If you like, the photographs I capture on the day are my recital of your wedding day story.

I’m a strong believer in that weddings should be properly captured for future generations.  Not just the ‘big’ moments throughout the day, but also the small, almost unnoticeable details which help to portray the beauty of it all.

My general approach to photographing weddings is do so more as a friend than a professional hired for the day.  My brides and grooms always remark on how much more relaxed they feel compared to what they were expecting and I’d like to think that’s down to the time I invest in the run up to the wedding day to get to know you both as a couple and to settle you into being photographed.  Pre-wedding meetings to discuss your day and also engagement photoshoots go a long way to help in this regard.

I photograph weddings as part of a duo together with another professional wedding photographer.  We both have similar styles and tastes and believe it’s important to not only have two photographers for a wedding, but also that each are professional photographers in their own right.  Whilst we have and do work as individuals, we feel that weddings benefit greatly from having two photographers.  With us, you won’t get an intern or assistant as a second photographer.

On this website, you’ll find a selection of my work.  Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form to enquire about availability or anything else you’d like to ask me.